10 Preparation Tips to Improve Value and Sell you home Quicker

10 Tips to improve value and sell your home quicker

1) First Impressions Count! – Apply fresh paint or stain on front door, steps and front trim. Utilize air fresheners when appropriate. This gives buyers an immediate impression and indicates that the home is well cared for.

2) Prune, limb, landscape and turn over garden beds. Mulching garden beds is another quick and affordable solution to improve value, providing a sense of good upkeep.

3) Catch up on all mechanical maintenance. Ensure all electrical, plumbing and light fixtures are functioning as they should. Cabinetry, appliances, windows, door locks and similar devices should be operational and in good order. Change furnace filters and have chimney, furance and gas fireplace cleaned respectively.

4) Evaluate flooring and fix squeaks. Flooring is an excellent area to invest your time and efforts. Consider refinishing hardwood flooring alternatively. Quality flooring will typically add great value and increase your returns!

5) Painting – Fill holes, remove scrapes and update tired rooms with modern colors. Consider painting feature walls with a designer color creating new focal points and brightening rooms. Neutral earth tone colors are a safe and timeless. Consult an interior designer or a friend with a knack with colors to enhance flow and create that wow effect.

6) Energy Audit – This is a wise investment for a number of reasons. Prioritize measures based on financial benefits. Grants and rebates are available for renovations and upgrades that comply with provincial guidelines and utilities. Improve your homes efficiency and lower your annual costs of operating.  Give new owners piece of mind in knowing drafts have been sealed up, improvements have been made and the home is running efficiently.

7) Let in Light – clean windows and add affordable lamps in dark corners. Improve and update older light fixtures. Add skylights or light tubes. Put select lighting on dimmers for added ambiance and warmth. Lighting is an important element in homes that is generally underutilized!

8) Kitchen and Bathroom updates - These areas are generally costly areas to contend with but also amoung the most important. These can be affordable ways to enhance and increase value. Older solid wood cabinets and vanities can be oiled, color washed or painted inside and out. Cabinet hardware can also be repainted or replaced.  Kitchen counter tops and splashes can be tiled. Quality used appliances, cabinets, sinks and more can be purchased online on Craigslist, Used.ca and more.

9) Create and improve flow by removing none structural walls. Anything that increases living space or enhances light, function and flow will improve value. You might be surprised how affordable this type of alteration can be!

10) Consult Dean Boorman for a market analysis. I can assist with all of these helpful tips and much more.